Put your damn self First

What happens when you are in love with yourself completely but do not make yourself a priority? As a mom, wife, entrepreneur, momentrepreneur, student, career-woman and daughter, I found myself doing everything for everyone but the number one person that needed it: myself. It’s one thing to finally find yourself and fall completely in love with yourself enough so that you don’t put up with anybody bullshit anymore but when you fail to make yourself a priority: what was all the hard work done for in the first place?

Sometimes, we need to stop and take a breather. Today, I found myself doing a million and one tasks and not once sitting down for a second to just exhale. Sometimes, I amazed myself as to how much shit I do in one day without flipping out! From making sure all the kids are off to school; helping my daughter complete enrollment for college and preparing for her move in the Fall; making sure my almost 20 year old is not slipping in his classes and staying out the streets; taking a phone call from teachers for my other high school kid and youngest; being a caregiver for both parents; dealing with my clients with mental illnesses and helping to resolve their issues; working on my nonprofit; creating my dessert business; and working on my marriage is just a few of the million and one tasks in a day that I do but it get done and I appear to have it all handled but at times I want to crawl into a corner and cry.

Some days I wish I could just go hide somewhere, secluded, for just a day. No kids; no clients; no husband; no parents; no customers calling; no plans to finalize- and just lay there all day in total quietness. I have no idea how it feel to just say ‘fuck it’ and do me. I realize, I can’t continue being everything for everybody without first being everything to myself! We loss sight that we need to make ourselves a priority.

So what do putting your damn self first look like? It is setting aside some time to just pampered ourselves: a ‘me’ day. It is saying ‘no’ when it involves over extending ourselves. It is making sure that our mental health are in tack along with our physical health; it is letting go of the toxicity that is constantly draining you; it’s doing whatever that is that make you happy! It’s not being selfish when you choose yourself over everything and everyone: it’s call making yourself a priority. We, as women, wear so many hats and focus on a million and one things that we totally loss focus of what’s important: ourselves! It’s time to refocus ladies and start putting our damn self first: after all- we earned!

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