Undercover Lovers

So today, I learned of a dating app that have been up for quite sometime but never discuss in its entirety. Because I respect the privacy of others, I will not disclose the name of the app. Apparently there are down low men out here that are secretly having full blown sexual relationships with gay men, while living full, happy heterosexual lives.

Let me be the first to say that I love my LGBTQ community and the way they love and want to be love so I am in no shape or form, bashing them at love. My direct rage is towards the men that are still being secretive about their sexuality while being in full blown relationships with women who have no clue. Unlike these down low men, my gays and bisexual men have no problems being open and honest about who and what they want. Someone I know was curious about this dating app apparently made for gay, bisexual and down low men to ‘hook’ up so they created a fake page to investigate who exactly be on this app. I was completely against this person doing this because I believe that everyone have a right to privacy when it comes to their personal life but than I thought as women; don’t we have a right to know who we are dating; having intercourse with?

The findings were astonishing and I really couldn’t believed what we had uncovered. The app is able to show men in your area that are on the down low and wanting to just hook up for a night. Their were an unprecedented amount of down low men in my area. Most profiles states that their married with children; others just plainly states that their just there for a ‘good time’. A couple of profiles were found of men that were not shy about disclosing that they are undetectable. For people who are not aware of what undetectable means- it means that a person shows copies of HIV cells in their blood but today’s monitoring tests are incapable of detecting them. This those not mean that a person do not have the HIV virus because indeed they do have the virus.

These men, honestly, looked good as hell with no indications that they would even play for the other team. I don’t care what a person does behind closed doors but I do care if a person is deceiving another person that they are intimidate with. These men are so open about sharing their HIV status with men they don’t know but damn sure won’t share it with the person they are in a heterosexual relationship with. This is 2019, so I would think that people are more comfortable with being open with their sexuality but I guess people still think they need to sneak around or have their cake and icing too. I believe that if your attractive to both sexes and consider yourself bisexual than you owe it to the people you choose to be involved with to inform them of your decisions. This is not the 70’s and 80’s no more where ‘gays’ had to hide their sexuality. We have a whole damn LGBTQ community that is very supportive and welcoming. Fuck the rest of society that are not ready but there are plenty of us that are ready.

To my sisters out there, dating and having fun, be careful. Apparently, we still live in a world that men are hiding who they are and want to be living double lives. How can you label yourself a straight man when you sneaking around lusting over the same thing we do? How can you call yourself straight and label yourself a ‘bottom’? Please ladies, screen these men thoroughly before becoming sexual involved. Don’t be afraid to ask them invasive ass questions before they invade your body and heart. Know who you are becoming involved with by case searching; investigating past relationships; monitoring social media pages (you can find out a lot about a person by who is constantly liking and commenting) and getting all necessary testing done- together! A couple that sleeps together should test together! Love yourself enough to make sure the man you are dealing with loves you and only you.

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