Another Birthday

It’s hard to believe that I’m half way through my 30’s already. My 30’s have been so good to me thus far. It was in my 30’s when I started loving my damn self and putting me first. Your 30’s is when you begin to reflect, settle down and build your life. This is when you suppose to have it all figure out and be ready to take charge of your life (or so they say). At almost 37 in two days, I finally feel at peace with myself- something I have never felt before. In the past, it always felt like I was playing tug-a-war with myself. I felt pulled in one direction but would ignore the urge and go in a totally different direction. I always had this feeling that I was missing something and I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I spent the majority of my life being told what I should do, but I really didn’t know what I wanted. Think about it, we’re conditioned from birth about how things should be done at certain stages of our lives. We believe the things that are being taught to us because we don’t know any better or haven’t learned another way.

During our 20’s is when we begin exploring life and testing these theories we have been taught. Must of us utilize this time to explore, others become sidetracked with all the world’s temptations. I use to regret my 20’s- mainly because my 20’s consisted of me growing up too fast. I had my first three children by the age of 23 and haven’t even begun to explore. I was sidetracked and begin going in the direction that others wanted me to go. I placed college on the back burner because I had refused to sit home and collect welfare checks so I decided to work two sometimes three jobs. Once I realized what I wanted, I begin to walked a new path. I was shy away from my 30’s when I finally received my Bachelors degree in Psychology. I finally felt accomplished but not satisfied- I wanted more, I deserved more. If its not one thing I haven’t learned thus far, it is this: life is full of endless possibilities. I didn’t see this in my 20’s because I didn’t see the potential within myself. So, now I don’t regret my 20’s, I respect my 20’s because it shaped me into the strong, courageous, determined woman I am today. I use to get sad around my birthday because I felt I wasted yet another year of my life but now I look forward to turning another year. I look forward to accomplishing the goals I set for myself and creating new ones to accomplish during the next chapter of my life. So come on 37- I’m ready!

If you get a chance- check out for some good laughs to lift your spirits!

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