My first cruise vacation

This past week have been amazing! My husband is turning the big 40 on the 23rd of this month so I decided to take him on a cruise to the Bahamas to kick off his birthday month. This was both of our first time on a cruise and also outside of this country so this was definitely a new experience for the both of us. Things started out a little rocky because my husband is not use to being away from our children for more then a weekend. I knew this problem was going to arise because it wouldn’t have been him if it didn’t. Also this was the first time our youngest who is 8 years old was left in the care of his oldest brother who is 18 years old. I had every confidence in the world that our oldest son would make us proud but my husband on the other hand was not so confident. After the first full day on the sea and better internet service we was able to begin enjoying the beauty of the vacation.

First thing first/ the Cardinal Liberty cruise boat was amazing. It was like being in a hotel on water. All the amenities that you can think of was right on the boat. There were plenty of pools that are included in your stay as well as a gym, Arcade room, Clubs and Casino- yes a whole Casino! For additional pricing there was a Spa, stores that sold souvenirs, alcohol, jewelry, clothing, hygiene products- a little bit of everything. The alcohol was reasonably priced but the catch was if you purchase you could not obtained until the last day when we was about to leave. The jewelry was marked down tremendously but the clothing and sunglasses were too rich for my blood.

The FOOD! Can I say all you can eat! Some places were a little sketchy but all and all it wasn’t so bad. We particularly did not like the dining area because 1) they have you sitting at a table with complete strangers and they were not very inviting and 2) my husbands grilled chicken taste and looked like rubber and my grilled salmon was not completely grilled. The buffet area we found the second day on the cruise was our saving grace and the food was much better. Also the taco place and Burger joint was amazing. Ok let’s get to my favorite part of my vacation- The alcohol! There was a bar everywhere you turned. When I said I let my hair down and drink like it was no tomorrow would be a understatement. Them bartenders knew how to mix and shake- and take all your money too but well worth it!

My husband and I was not aware that the boat had a cashless system. I didn’t mind but my husband who is use to spending cash was not please. I get it in a way- you want to know what you are spending right then and there. So if your like my husband and don’t like things being charged to your card just be prepared that cruises do not accept cash. The boat however did have kiosks available to apply money to your account daily.

So let me get to the main purpose of this trip- The Bahamas! We went to two islands: Princess Cays and Freeport. Princess Cays is a small island that just consist of beaches and the most beautiful, breathtaking beaches I ever seen in my life. The water was unreal- I never seen water so blue in my life. I was really at awe and stunned by the view- it was like looking at a postcard but in 3D. The food on the island was amazing and complimentary of the cruise. Finally, we was able to enjoy some Bahamian food- jerk chicken, different type of bean dishes that I don’t remember the names of but they were good and rum cake!! Also more alcohol which is always a plus. The only thing I didn’t like was that the crew staff were suppose to provide beach games such as volleyball and water balloon toss but it never happened. At least we were entertained by the island men singing and drum playing.

Freeport, Bahamas is the second largest city of Bahamas and it was amazing. Plenty of sightseeing, shopping and good food and drinks. The people were friendly and very accommodating. We did not go to the beaches on this island because it was going to cost us $30 coming and going in a taxi so we said forget that and later went back on the cruise and played around in the whirlpool.

All and all- this Cruise vacation was exactly what we needed. We meet some amazing couples that have been married for 20+ years, learned some new things about ourselves and was able to just relax and enjoy each other. We forget as adults how much fun life can actually be because we’re so busy being parents, employees, business owners, students, friends, family and just forgetting to be ourselves.

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