Help! My job is suffocating ME!

Have you ever came to a point when you just don’t like your job anymore? That you just feel like your dragging yourself into your workplace and there is no enthusiasm about what you do and/or the place as a whole? Everyday that I go to my job, I feel like I can’t breathe- that the very life of me is being sucked out. I feel like I’m drowning and no one can save me. It’s the same bullshit- day in and day out- short staffed, underpaid and under appreciated. When I first started this job- I was excited. My first love is Science and embarking on a new venture in veterinary medicine was too intriguing to pass up- so what happened? I realized at this very point that I no longer want to work for others- the politics, segregation, constant rules changes, the constant ass kissing- I have seen it for the past 20 years in various workplaces and I came to the point that I am exhausted and done. So why am I still working?? Good question- I have been asking myself this for the past couple of months. I finally became clear of what my purpose is in life and I see my future so brightly now but that fear of moving forward is always there. Honestly this has been the first year I really executed my goals and I must say it feel good so why can’t I just take that leap of faith and become my own boss? One big reason is finances- you need money to make money right? But guess what- I make a decent amount of money and still don’t have money so realistically I’m going to be in the same predicament if I stay at my job versus starting my own business, right?

So many of us are having these same battles that I am struggling with day in and day out. We work 8, 10, hell 12 hour shifts a day all to be miserable and for what?? We are slaving away for someone else to profit tremendously when we could be profiting tremendously for ourselves. Some of us are just born to be entrepreneurs and we just ignore it. Isn’t our mental health worth pursuing whatever happiness that is out there waiting for us?

My oldest son graduated from High School back in May. Me being a proud momma thinking my son was going off to a four year college, play basketball, get his degree and finally settled in a career. Boy was I wrong!! My son decided a few weeks ago that a four year college is out of the question for him- I was livid and refused to listen to whatever plans he had for his life ( noticed the key word ‘his’ life). This begin to put a strain on our relationship and I had to take a step back and realize- this is ‘his’ life. When I finally did that, I was finally able to openly listen to his plans. My son’s plan is to get his real estate license and complete trade school courses so that he can be able to rehab and sell properties- My son has decided to create his own career- to become his own boss! If it is not one thing I have taught my children it is this- always follow their own hearts because at the end of the day life is about living. Looking at my 18 year old son- who by the way have it figure out more than must adults twice his age- I need to follow my own advice. I need to follow my own happiness and leave the fucking fear behind. Life is all about taking risk, right?! And loving your damn self requires just that!

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