Sleeping with a Stranger

Today I was awakened by some very disturbing news. A young woman reached out to me to ask for my assistance in helping her and her children relocate. She had recently found out that the man she have been in a relationship with for six years and share one child with have molested her three young daughters: ages are 15, 13 and 5- the 5 year old is the daughter they share together. This have been going on for years and if it have not been for her 13 year daughter who finally had the courage to speak up, it would of still been going on. So what gave this beautiful, young girl the courage to speak up you might asked? This innocent little girl is now 2 months pregnant with her sister’s father’s baby. My heart just crumble as she told her story and I felt ever hurt and pain from her words. There are forever 4 lives ruin for the rest of their lives. This man rape these three beautiful girls not only of their innocence but of their entire lives. You have a mom that is lost, confused and blame herself. You have a 13 year old girl that is force to become a woman before her time. You have a 15 year old young lady that is scared of even having any type of intimate relationship in the future. You have a 5 year old that have no clue of what’s going on and misses her Daddy. There are many women that can relate to one of their scenarios on so many levels and it’s unfortunate. What would possess a grown ass man to do such a despicable act? He have been arrested and charged with 17 counts of rape because it was also disclosed that he molested his other daughter outside of their home.

Do we truly know who we are letting into our homes, our beds, our hearts? We be so memorized by their charm, kind gestures, their physique- that we become totally blinded by the bigger picture. Are we so caught up with the idea of love that we settle for just about anything that resembles it? Or do we accept the love that we think we deserve? It scares me that couples are together for years without truly knowing each other’s authentic selves. Which bring us to the question of: do we even know our own authentic selves? We find ourselves going from one relationship to another, chasing whatever ‘love’ that is in our peripheral for the moment but not once stopping to realize that the love we yearn for have been with us all along- within ourselves. So what happens now when your love for yourself is tarnished? This evil, despicable man not only fucked up this woman’s self esteem and love within but he fucked up three young girl’s perception of what Love suppose to be. That is the must cruelest thing that you could ever do to a person- you mind as well take their very soul out their bodies. I pray that this mom find the strength to be the strength for her daughters so that they can be one another’s support system and if she is reading this I hope she seek the help that they so desperately need.

If you or anyone you know are experiencing sexual assault please reach out to your local sexual assault agencies. I have listed a few national agencies below:

9 thoughts on “Sleeping with a Stranger”

  1. Most common cases in india. They won’t respect us until unless we won’t show them that yes we are something. These kind of men are psychologically ill and they deserve death. Only thing to make then control is fear. If women will keep on begging for rights nothing would change but if women become the change then we can bring the change .

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      1. I respect your opinion and everyone doesn’t have the same mindset 😃 so okay if you don’t agree with me 😃 it’s alright😃 have a good day ma’am💗


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