What is Love?

What do love look like to you? Love is define as an deep feeling of intense affection. Love looks like many things to many people. Love is this amazing feeling that you just can’t seem to shake- it’s something that is indescribable but yet unforgettable. Love is unconditional and should never be questioned. Why is it so hard for people to find this thing called love? Why is it so hard for people to love? We live in a world where people throw around this word so freely. Where people misuse this word for their own personal gain. So why do we look for this thing called love from other people? Why is it so easy to love others more than you love yourself? Imagine having this intense feeling of deep affection for yourself, how amazing that would be! You wouldn’t need any validation from anyone because you will be to obsess with yourself to even care. To love others you must first put all that energy into loving your damn self first. Loving yourself first open your heart and soul up to what type of love your willing to accept. We all deserve to be love 💕

2 thoughts on “What is Love?”

  1. We are Born to LOVE it’s in us before Birth. Even from Birth Someone can mistreat us so that we will always be LOOKING To FIND OUR TRUE Love In Ourselves.

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